About Maven

Maven is a boutique private home management company offering custom service to homeowners in Whistler. Owner and operator Marcia is a long-term Whistlerite and small business owner with a background in luxury home construction. No stranger to hard work, she is dedicated to caring for your home as though it were her own. With the unique advantage of her extensive experience in high-end Whistler homes, in-depth knowledge of the resort and network of local professional contractors your home will be cared for with the greatest attention to detail.







care for details

With Maven taking care of the details you can return to your beautiful mountain home and enjoy every minute in Whistler, British Columbia. A boutique private home management company, Maven offers comprehensive caretaking services to keep your property safe in Whistler’s extreme weather conditions, providing regular inspections to guard against building issues and costly repairs. Maven offers custom care packages covering everything from maintenance to concierge services, tailored to your unique property to ensure it receives reliable, professional care whether you are at home or far away. You can trust Maven to protect your investment – and your free time.


Last year I purchased a vacation home in Whistler BC.

I was looking for, and subsequently directed to Marcia at Maven Luxury Home Services for a full service management company.

Marcia has taken this task with exemplary and professional skill. She has acted as my advocate in dealing with the condo corp, as general director and overseer for the subsequent modifications I had made to my home and provided service for myself and my guests that gave me the confidence to know that my home is very well managed.

Dr. I. David Barnett

We have tremendous peace of mind having Marcia act as our Property Manager.

Marcia has been taking care of our home formally for several years (since the inception of her company), she was a neighbour for much longer and over the time that we were neighbours she exuded the fundamental qualities of an individual to run a home management firm; always paying attention to our property, protecting our beautiful deciduous trees during those unusual early wet snowfalls before the leaves have fallen off the trees. It is her nature to take the best care of the properties she manages; scheduled fireplace cleanings, dryer vent cleanings, boiler maintenance – this is all done before you have to think of it, before problems occur.

Monique W.

Marcia puts emphasis on getting the job done right with a good old school work ethic. Without doubt Marcia’ significant trade and hands on experience working as a construction subcontractor over the last decade gives great value to her clients and future clients.

Paul O.

Everyone needs a Marcia!

Charlene K.

Marcia has an answer for every problem and makes owning a vacation home in Whistler worry free.

Charles S.