Multi-Point Inspection

Regular inspections are essential for maintaining insurance compliance and finding issues early, keeping your maintenance costs low and estate value protected. Maven offers professional multi-point visual inspections covering the interior and exterior of the property as well security and a thorough check of gardens and grounds. If an issue is found the results will be documented and emailed for review. If something is urgent it will be dealt with immediately, followed up with prompt communication. Frequency of inspections can vary depending on your use of the property and home insurance policy.

Inspection Parameters:


  • Visual inspection of entry
  • Security alarm was armed
  • Temp of home above 16 degrees in heated months 
  • Double check all doors and windows are locked
  • All windows and doors were condensation free
  • Ceiling, walls and floors were free of any moisture
  • Look at the breaker box, nothing was tripped
  • Check mechanical room for moisture or odour
  • HRV filter was checked and cleaned if necessary
  • Visual inspection of water heater, looks fine
  • Visual inspection of laundry, everything is fine
  • Temperature of crawl space is appropriate 
  • Smoke detector not expired, very important


  • Run appliances if long absences 
  • No signs of pest infestation
  • Check for moisture under the sink, run faucet monthly
  • Run and flush garbage disposal
  • Visual inspection inside cupboards


  • Run sinks in all bathrooms and check for leaks monthly
  • Visual inspection of showers, run shower monthly 
  • Flushed toilets monthly
  • Look for any signs of moisture


  • Look under beds and in closets for moisture or pests
  • Visually inspect window


  • Car was started on this date..
  • Car was driven on this date… if requested
  • Car was serviced at the mechanic on this date…if requested
  • Opened and closed garage door
  • Visual inspection of ceiling, walls and floor for moisture or pests


  • Turned off outside water on this date…
  • Visual inspection of roof, facia, and soffit from the ground
  • Visual inspection of windows, doors and decks for weather damage 
  • Visual inspection of stain, paint and caulking
  • Visual inspection of landscaping
  • Visual inspection of pool or hot tub and equipment
  • Visual inspection of trees for safety and fire smart
  • Visual inspection of driveway, walkways and gate
  • Visual inspection of security lights

Annual Maintenance 

  • Annual furnace service
  • Forced air vents cleaned every 3-4 years 
  • Annual boiler service
  • Radiant heat flushed every 4-5 years
  • Annual chimney cleaning
  • Service gas fireplaces and fittings
  • Age of hot water tanks noted
  • Elevator service every 6 months
  • Annual snow removal and landscaping 
  • Annual cleaning of gutters